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VS1010 Handbook

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VS1010 Handbook - "System Designer's Prime Edition", 215 pages.

The VS1010 is a remarkable new Digital Signal Processor IC from VLSI Solution Oy. Competing in the worldwide market for music players and audio equipment, the VS1010 is highly cost-optimized, yet packs an astounding number of features in a single IC. It has VLSI's award-winning DAC, a VSDSP4 signal processor, High-Speed USB, and SD/eMMC ports, just to name a few. These allow you to develop audio equipment such as personal music players, USB DACs or basically any kind of product with requires a high-quality audio output.

The VSOS operating system inside the VS1010 internal ROM allows you to write your own applications for the VS1010 easily using standard C code. It handles complexities such as reading or writing SD cards, playing music, or using USB.

The book, written by Panu-Kristian Poiksalo, the author of the VS1010 internal ROM code and the VSOS operating system, gives you a real insider's view on how the VS1010 works, and how high-quality products can be designed around it. Walking around the IC pin by pin, the book explains how each pin is used by the ROM, what internal peripherals are connected, and what options the system designer has on how to use the pin in a final product. PCB design topics such as optimal ground layout are covered.

Software engineers are shown how applications can be written, compiled, loaded, and run on the VS1010 using free tools available from VLSI Solutio, as well as how UART and USB ports can be used to control the operation of the VS1010.

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