VS1003B-LK (Tray), MP3 / WMA / MIDI Audio Codec Circuit.

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VS1003 is a single-chip MP3/WMA audio decoder including a digital to analog converter and earphone amplifier. In addition to MP3 and WMA files, it is able to decode Midi files providing significant memory savings for special applications. Moreover, ADPCM encoding and decoding including analog are included for voice compression. VS1003 can also play PCM and WAV files. RoHS compliant package.

This version is exactly the same as VS1003B-L except that is uses copper bonging wire. VS1003B-L and VS1003B-LK do not have any difference according to our qualifications.

Available while stock lasts. Datecodes of the devices 11xx.

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Additional product information

RoHS compliant Green product Yes
Requires WMA license of Microsoft Yes
Requires MPEG-4 AAC license No

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