VS1005 Breakout Board Mk2


VS1005 Breakout Board Mk2

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Breakout Board for VS1005 circuit.


  • Supports VS1205 and VS1005 devices
  • VS23S040D-B device for buffering data for SD card recording
  • SD card connector
  • Open source VSOS kernel and device drivers
  • Pre-installed firmware contains Hi-Resolution recorder software that can record stereo audio with 24-bit 96 kHz resolution
  • Supported by VSIDE development tools


VS1005 Breakout Board Mk 2 is a PCB board that converts the LFGA-88 package to standard 0.1" double pin headers. The Mk2 version also includes a VS23S040D-B device and an microSD card connector for demonstrating recorder applications. It is intended for prototyping products that use VS1005 family ICs. Without need to solder the high density LFGA-88 package and with all needed auxiliary components to start the VS1005, the VS1005 Breakout Board simplifies and speeds up product development.

It also has a basic components and connectors PCB part that can be broken away if not needed. This PCB contains crystals, audio and USB connectors and RF input components for FM radio.

See also VS1005 Breakout Board Mk2 page.

The board is powered from the USB bus. Serial port is used as a debugger interface and for loading code to VS1005. See the accessories section for VSIDE USB UART cable.

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