VS1010 Miniature USB Headphone DAC Board

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VS1010 Miniature USB Headphone DAC is a tiny demonstration board which shows how the VS1010 can be used as a USB DAC and headphone driver. In this operating mode, the VS1010 functions as a USB standard audio class device. No custom drivers are needed in the host PC or device.

Using standard USB communications class protocol allows the device to operate with drivers that are included in the operating system. This is especially convenient with operating systems that require secure code, such as all modern phone and tablet operating systems, where using custom USB drivers is not feasible.

Windows 10, Mac OS and Linux operating systems are supported out of the box.

Schematics, gerber documents and Eagle design files are available.


  • VS1010C device in QFN68 package
  • Miniature USB to UART (3V CMOS level) serial adapter
  • Optional DC output voltage 5v (from USB) or 3.3v, 50...100mA
  • Supported by VSIDE development tools


  • VS1010 USB Headphone DAC board

See the VS1010 Miniature USB Headphone DAC page for more information, schematics, and software.

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