VS1010C-Q, MP3 Audio System-on-a-Chip.


VS1010C-Q, MP3 Audio System-on-a-Chip.

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VS1010 is a highly integrated MP3 player System-on-a-Chip, which is at the same time very cost-efficient.


  • High Quality 24-bit / 96 kHz Stereo DAC
  • I2S Input/Output for external DAC/ADC
  • MEMS digital microphone interface
  • USB Host / Peripheral Controller
  • Fast SD Card Controller Hardware
  • Audio content decryption hardware
  • Single 3.6 – 5.5 volt power supply, internal voltage regulators
  • 2 x SPI, 2 x UART, RTC, WDT, POR, PWM, 3 x Timer
  • Up to 42 GPIO pins
  • 12-bit SAR ADC, up to 7 analog inputs
  • VSDSP4 Signal Processor
  • 160 KiB ROM, 69 KiB data RAM, 16 KiB internal program RAM
  • Flexible firmware customization using free VSOS and VSIDE tools
  • Software libraries can be stored and run from SD card or SPI flash
  • ROM includes OS, FAT filesystem, USB and SD card support etc
  • Supported player file formats: MP3, OGG, WAV
  • LQFP-48 and QFN-68 packages

For more information see the VS1010 family product page


Additional product information

RoHS compliant Green product Yes
Requires WMA license of Microsoft No
Requires MPEG-4 AAC license No
Package VQFN-68 8x8x0.9 mm³

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