The VS1053b USB Hi-Fi Player is a multi-format "MP3 player" that uses the VS1053 as a stand-alone component along with a low-cost High Speed (480 Mbit/s) USB controller. The device can play .MP3, .OGG, .AAC, .M4A, .WMA, .WAV, .IMA and .MID files with excellent sound quality. It can alternatively use SD/SDHC cards (over 2 GB supported) or internal FLASH memory. Different schematics for applications with different displays or even without a display are provided. Full source code for the application is provided to allow customization of functionality.

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USB to UART converter cable. Provides logical-level signals for TX and RX, optionally provides 5V power output. Can be used with the same cards than the RS232 adapter, i.e. cards that have only logic-level UART pins.

It works with Simple DSP Boards, Prototyping Boards, VS1053 USB Hi-Fi Player Board, VS1003 SD Card mini player, VS1000D Button-Cell Player, VS1000C Audio Module, and other boards with only logic-level RX / TX signals.

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