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VS1205G-Q (Tray), All-In-One MP3 Audio System-on-a-Chip.

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  • Single power input
  • nternal voltage regulators
  • 3-input multiplexed SAR for monitoring
  • Optional battery for RTC and backup registers

Analog Audio

  • 2 x 24-bit / 96kHz DAC
  • 3 x 24-bit / 192kHz ADC
  • Integrated FM tuner with RDS, Japanese band included (76-108 MHz)
  • Stereo headphone output
  • Stereo microphone amplifier

Digital Audio

  • S/PDIF input and output (+AES/EBU support)
  • I2S input and output
  • 24-bit sample rate converter
  • High-speed USB slave or host
  • Ethernet interface


  • NAND flash interface
  • High speed SD card interface
  • Internal SRAM (256 KiB) and ROM (256 KiB)

General Purpose I/O

  • Hi-Speed USB (480 Mbit/s) host / device
  • Resistive Touch Screen interface
  • JTAG interface for hardware debug
  • 8-bit bus for LCD
  • PWM output
  • UART
  • 2 SPI buses, host and slave mode supported

Other Hardware Features

  • Operates with a single clock
  • Optional real-time clock
  • Embedded flash memory can be copy protected
  • Power button pin, software-controlled power-off

For more information see the VS1005 family product page

Additional product information

RoHS compliant Green product Yes
Requires WMA license of Microsoft Yes
Requires MPEG-4 AAC license Yes
Note: WMA and/or AAC license is only required if the product plays the respective format. If the product does not include support for or refuses to play the format, the respective license is not required.
Package LFGA-88 10x10x0.8 mm³

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2 - 2 of 13 results