Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions depend on the address and status (private person or company) of the buyer.


In Finland, the provisions on distance selling are to be found in Chapter 6 of the Consumer Protection Act. Finnish law is applied when the buyer is a consumer locating in Finland. See more here [1].

EU countries

In European Union, The Distance Selling Directive defines the minimum level of consumer protection. See more here [2]. The fact sheet of Direective about consumers rights in EU is here [4].

Other countries

Selling to other countries is based on "General Terms and Conditions of Sale of VLSI Solution". See more here [3].

Currently, new customers from the United Kingdom are not allowed to register. Please contact us, if you want to register. Existing customers from the UK with a valid VAT ID can in general order normally. If you're an existing customer from the UK, but don't have a valid VAT ID, please contact us before making an order. We also reserve the right to reject all unconfirmed orders.

Following table summarizes the applied reference;

Buyer Address Reference
Consumer Finland [1] [4]
Consumer Any EU country [2] [4]
Consumer Outside EU [3]
Company Any country [3]


About General Terms and Conditions of Sale of VLSI Solution

These terms are originally for customers that order large quantities and use wire transfer for the payments. Some conditions, such as 30 days net payment time can not be applied here since the ordering in Web Store is done on-line and all payments are done advance the shipment. All shipments are from headquarters of VLSI Solution in Finland (see "Contact us" information of the left bar).

Decoder Licenses

Some products require decoder licenses. The required licenses are shown under "Additional Product Information" when "Display Product" is selected. When mp3 license of Thomson is needed, the device price includes the license. For other WMA and AAC, customer needs to contact Microsoft or Via Licensing. Note that VLSI can provide software plugin (contact mp3@vlsi.fi) to disable WMA or AAC feature in the final product to avoid license payment when WMA or AAC decoding feature is not needed.

WMA license

Customer need to request "Windows Media Components Final Product Agreement" of Windows Media Components, see http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/windowsmedia-components-licensing. The royalty rate was 0.10 USD with annual maximum of 400kUSD at the time this instruction was written. Note that license applies only to those who sell final products to consumers. If you are developer you do not need to pay royalties.

AAC license

Customer need to request "MPEG-4 Audio Patent License Agreement" for two channels of audio decoder circuit, see http://www.vialicensing.com/licensing/aac-overview.aspx. Note that the license is needed by manufacturers or developers of end user encoder and/or decoder products. The license fee for two channels was 0.98 USD up to 500k units annually at the time this instruction was written.